2019-04-24 | Pressemeldung | EU | Stoffliche Nutzung von Biomasse

First term of the OPTISOCHEM European project

Global Bioenergies has successfully converted sugars from wheat straw into bio-isobutene at demo plant scale: Clariant, a partner on the supply side of the consortium, has used its Sunliquid® technology to produce sugar-rich hydrolysates from wheat straw, which were then converted into isobutene in Global Bioenergies’ demo plant located in Leuna, Germany. This isobutene is then itself dedicated to be converted by chemistry specialist INEOS, also a member of the OPTISOCHEM project, into polymers and oligomers that can be used in any number of high-performance applications, particularly in cosmetics.

On the 26th of February, members of the OPTISOCHEM project presented activities from the first term of the project to independent experts appointed by the BBI-JU. Further to the internal validation procedure set up by the BBI-JU, the consortium has just received the sum of €3.3 million, of which €2.2 million for Global Bioenergies.

Source: Global Bioenergies